About us

who we are

The creators are Ethiopian with most of their creations attributed to their roots. All of their creation is all about Ethiopian Happiness, memories, nationalism, 90’s in Addis as well as Amharic quotes.  They all about challenging the crappy designs put out their for people to consume. The creators of Desta Nation got you.

a bit about Desta

Desta means happiness in Amharic hence Desta Nation meaning the nation of happiness.

We are all about happiness and what flows out of it. Why happiness? Because our human minds forget that state of being in that good place and tend to jump into the state of no-happiness. So comes in Desta Nation. A nation where only happiness resides to remind us where we ought to be and that it’s just a couple of seconds away from us if we want to go there. Desta is especially needed no more then ever as our world goes through so much uncertainty.  

Our Team

We are young, forward thinking, skilled at designing, love what we do and sell only the best the world has to offer to our fellow Ethiopian. If you think we are just saying that, by all means correct us.