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… in going ethio-centric the right way. No more using your ethio- wear as PJ’s after that event. Our ethio-wear wearable are worthy of your eyes and those around you every single day. We guarantee you’ll be turning heads of you zemed and friends every single time.  And no more shiro meda Tees with Bob Marley drinking coffee. ( That might be a good idea right there! )

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Finally Habesha wear doesn't mean cheap looking. Love it.
Ferehiwot T.
Fairfax County
Feel like an Ethiopian from the Future when wearing my Tshirts.
Yordi S.
Friends though a Ferenji was selling it in the name of Ethiopia. It was Desta Nation.
Markos H.
Love how my zemeds & friends ask me where I got it from. It Looks hot on me.
Fere G.
Tel Aviv

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